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・゚: ✧・゚: greyrin ⚝ 25 ⚝ she|they|it ⚝ intp-t :・゚✧:・゚"What do you remember? / Was it all you wanted?"
- Aurelio Voltaire

Greyrin Wolfe

resident cyberwolf on the www!
i stream art and video games.


for pricing and info on the several types of art I offer, please click the button that says more. I offer a wide variety of work - whatever you want, I'll do my best with it!


for a small collection of the artworks i've done, please click the button that says more!

About Me!!!

howdy! my name is Greyrin Wolfe, and i'm a cybernetically-enhanced kemonomimi from the south! i stream over on twitch. i like to make art and play games. i'm nonbinary/genderfluid and use any pronouns! i have a wonderful boyfriend named Zench who also streams. i love wolves, dr. pepper and mango monster, chicken alfredo and cheesecake, anime and manga. i have a cat named Ichigo, and a fun fact about me is that i have crowdsurfed at a concert before.


sketch: $30 flat, $50 monochrome colour
lineart: $60 lines only, $80 monochrome shaded
full colour: $120 (includes coloured lineart and a background)
chibis and emotes: $30
ref sheets: $200 for front + back view, sheet design, and character info. +$25 for extra character/outfit. (please just feel free to talk out layouts with me!!)
Live2D Model DESIGN: $250 (i will design a MOCKUP of a character for you. this is a single piece of art of your intended design. this is NOT riggable art. for an idea of what the MOCKUP is, please look for ItsMeHeiri's mockup in my gallery!)
Live2D Model ART: vary based on complexity but starts at $600 (this is RIGGABLE art and includes the MOCKUP DESIGN.)
Vroid models vary based on complexity but start at $200.
any extra characters in a commission are 75% of the base commission price.any emote or chibi orders in a large quantity (four or more) get one emote free!i don't normally do backgrounds beyond abstract shapes and such. if you have something in mind feel free to discuss it with me and we can work something out. i always send a version with and without the background.you can find more of my art by viewing my gallery.payment is USD and paypal only.
payment preferred after i've sent the sketch, final product will not be sent until full payment is received.


some art in the gallery has been resized to save on loading time (and because it's safer for me to not share my high quality files without heavy watermarking) all commissions are drawn much larger and higher quality!